Fire Damage Restoration

After the fire’s out, damage remains. Soot, smoke, water saturation, and structural problems don’t have to mark the end of your home or business. Omniqor fire damage restoration contractors can be on the job fast and make your home or business livable again.

If you choose our company for fire restoration Dallas TX, our highly qualified technicians will be right with you.  We know that time is of the essence. The quicker we can get to work, the quicker your life can return to normal.

Trust Our National Fire and Water Repair Specialists

Hopefully this is the only fire you’ve ever had to deal with. Rest assured, however, the Omniqor team has seen more than our share. Omniqor expertise comes from years on the job.

We utilize EPA-certified techniques to handle the cleanup of homes and businesses that have been affected by a fire. Our emergency cleanup services include soot clean up, smoke odor removal and, as necessary, water damage restoration. We handle your possessions with care. If structural damage is detected, we will work with you and your insurance company on the next step.

Our business has Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. We know the right steps to clean your floors, carpets, walls, fixtures, appliances, and more. As a leader in Dallas among fire clean up companies, we have advanced equipment that is designed to handle the challenge of fire damage.

After our initial inspection, we’ll tell you what happens next. Basically, you’ll know everything we know about the steps needed to restore your property. We’ll work with your insurance company to handle paperwork, claim processing and payment. We have become insurance specialists because our goal is to make things as simple for the property owner as possible.

Wherever you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Omniqor is the right choice for fire cleanup services. We have three decades of experience in restoring the homes and businesses of our Dallas-Fort Worth neighbors. We have the equipment, expertise, and education to handle fire clean up challenges. You can trust your residential or commercial property to our care.


Fire Water Damage Restoration in Seven Important Steps

When you contact Omniqor, this is the process you can expect from our staff. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we will pay attention to the concerns that you express.

  • PROTECT – Place temporary protection (like tarps and boards) over windows and roofs. We want to make sure your home is protected from further damage due to rain or wind.

  • REMOVE – Remove debris. Removing debris and determining what can be saved starts as soon as we can access the property safely. Some items may be cleaned off site while most will have to be cleaned in place. Special equipment and products help us remove the damage caused by smoke and soot.

  • CLEAN – Clean with know-how and vigor. Once the structure is dry, Omniqor starts its cleaning process. Using the best technologies in the hands of well-trained technicians, we strive to provide effective results on every fire restoration and smoke damage repair project.

  • RESTORE – Once the worst cleaning challenges have been overcome, we’ll restore your property to its previous, livable condition.

  • INSPECT – Look closely at the property and determine the extent of the damage. Our technicians have been taught how to assess damage and how to develop a step-by-step plan for clean up.

  • CONSULT – Talk to you to give you an accurate picture of the process. Talk with your insurance company to resolve any issues up front.

  • DRY – Pump out and/or dry water left behind by firefighting crews. Removing water as soon as possible is vital. Water can rot wood or invite mold. Until the area is dry, cleanup must wait.

  • COMPLETE – Completing the project requires a sign-off by you and your insurance company. We won’t quit until you are happy.

You and your property are in the best hands with Omniqor.
Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our experience in the industry exceeds 30 years.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration & Residential Fire Damage Repair

Don’t let the uncertainty of a home or business impacted by fire cause you unneeded stress and anxiety. If you’ve recently experienced a devastating fire in your house or business, let Omniqor Damage Restoration help you return your commercial or residential property to its original condition.