Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can devastate a business when it destroys the commercial building in which the company conducts its business each day. Not only can a fire result in the loss of inventory and expensive property, but it may also require extensive repairs or the complete renovation of the building.

Omniqor Damage Restoration offers an advanced team of fire restoration professionals who understand the potential dangers and problems that may arise when restoration must occur in an industrial, commercial or hazardous environment. Fire can create a hazard in the stability of a structure, but it may also create dangers when chemicals or certain types of inventory are impacted by fire, smoke, and the water used by firefighting crews to fight the blaze.

Omniqor Damage Restoration Offers Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

A fire that occurs in a commercial building may require much more than scrubbing a few walls clean of soot (such as in a minor kitchen fire). Our work may entail removal of hazardous materials, as well as returning the building to a state of structural stability before beginning work on restoration.

Here are the restoration projects we may pursue over the course of returning your commercial building to its pre-fire condition.

  • Removal of water left over from firefighting efforts
  • Cleaning of surfaces impacted by smoke, soot, and fire
  • Replacement of features damaged by fire and water
  • Removal of trash, debris, and items destroyed by the fire
  • Repair of the building’s major features like walls, roofs, and flooring

The size and type of fire that impacted your business will be the starting point for us in creating a custom plan for complete restoration of your property. After our initial inspection, we’ll provide you with a list of the projects we’ll need to complete in order to repair the space.


Dealing with Water Damage After a Commercial Fire

Fire damage may result in much more than charred wood, melted plastic, and blackened ceilings. After a fire, you may also have to deal with the unfortunate effect of water damage. Putting out the fire is one of the most important roles of the fire department alongside the rescue of anyone trapped in the building.

However, traditional firefighting tactics that use many gallons of water can leave behind flooded rooms, drenched furniture, and saturated foundations. Not only may we need to repair surfaces burned and charred from fire, but our work may also include water damage restoration. Contacting us as soon as possible after the fire can help us retain as much of your company’s possessions and materials as possible before they are destroyed by water.

Let Omniqor Damage Restoration Help After Your Commercial Fire

With more than thirty years of experience repairing, restoring, and cleaning businesses and homes impacted by fire and water damage, the professionals of Omniqor Damage Restoration are here to help when you’ve been impacted by fire.

We also have a team of insurance specialists that work for you, the business owner, to processes the necessary insurance paperwork, ensure your claim is fully paid and guarantee every step is completed properly to fully restore your business after a fire.

Whether it was a small fire that occurred in the employee break room or a giant blaze that caused the ceiling to collapse in half the structure, we have the nation’s best tools and techniques necessary to return your company’s property to its pre-fire condition.

Contact us, and we’ll get started immediately on cleanup and a creating a custom plan for comprehensive fire restoration of your commercial building.