Residential Fire Damage Restoration

Omniqor Damage Restoration provides experienced support for fire damage restoration, as well as assistance for fire and water restoration when your home has been saved but drenched in water by your local fire department.

As your fire restoration company, we know it’s important that your home is returned to its original state. We use the most technologically advanced equipment and methods based upon decades of experience to help ensure we can make your home feel like “home” again.

Whether you own a home in Fort Worth, Dallas, or anywhere in Texas, we can help you and your family recover with fire damage cleanup and restoration of your home through methods certified by the EPA, as well as with Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Keep Your Family Safe After a Fire in Your Home

Recovering from the devastating effects of a fire in your home may mean purchasing new furniture, replacing various items in your home, and getting over the loss of priceless mementos and photographs. However, the process cannot begin until your home has been restored by a fire restoration team from Omniqor Damage Restoration. That restoration begins with a call and an appointment for an inspection.

The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin to help you pick up the pieces of your family home through fire damage cleanup and restoration.


What Services Can We Provide in Fire Restoration Cleanup

Some fires burn so fiercely that they reduce a building to a hollow shell. Other fires are treated quickly by the fire department or a simple fire extinguisher. The severity of the fire that impacted your home will require a cleanup and restoration plan tailor-made to your house. This may require a cleanup plan that includes smoke and soot restoration, or it might require a more complex plan that includes duct system smoke removal.

Severe fire damage can make your home appear completely different than it once did, and we may find it necessary to create a plan for the repair and reconstruction of your home. A simple kitchen fire can lead to structural damage that might not be readily apparent until we’ve conducted our inspection of your home. Assistance from a professional fire damage restoration company like Omniqor can help ensure your home is as safe as possible after you experience a devastating event like a fire.

Fire Restoration and Your Insurance Company

The stress and turmoil you and your family are likely going through after a house fire is a lot to deal with. Having to then deal with your insurance company and the drawn-out claim process isn’t something you should stress about. This is why we have a team of insurance experts that will work directly with your insurance company. From start to finish, our team will handle paperwork and communication with your insurance, and take care of the walk through of your home with the insurance adjuster.

We work for you, the homeowner, not the insurance company, so we will ensure your claims are paid and your home is repaired properly.

A Fire May Also Include the Need for Water or Flood Damage Restoration

One facet of fire repair that might not be apparent until you actually experience a fire is the leftover water that may remain after the firefighters have doused the blaze. In large house fires, firefighters may need to use many gallons of water, and that water may pool and flood into various areas of your home after the fire has been put out.

The potential for water damage is one of the primary reasons it’s important to call Omniqor Damage Restoration as soon as possible after the fire trucks have left your home. With our unparalleled experience in fire and flood restoration, we can complete an inspection, as well as begin work, quickly and before the water can create irreparable harm to your home.

Let Omniqor Damage Restoration Help With Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Whether you were recently impacted by a devastating fire or you just put out a small fire in your home, we can help you with fire damage restoration, as well as help with water that can remain after the firefighters have left your home.

We offer an experienced and caring team of damage restoration professionals who will help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible after a house fire.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help or to schedule the earliest date to begin restoration work on your home.