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When the temperature is rising, Dallas air conditioning ought to keep you cool. If it doesn’t, your first call should be Omniqor. Our highly skilled technicians help homeowners find solutions to Dallas heating and air conditioning problems.

Omniqor staff recognizes that your ability to regulate your home temperature is more than a mere convenience. It is vital to the well-being of your family. Our business puts a priority on a timely response to your repair call. We want to be there when you need help, and you can be sure we’ll find the most cost-effective remedy for your most pressing HVAC problems.

From system maintenance to sudden repairs to whole system replacement, Omniqor is ready to meet your Dallas heating and air needs. Use our service scheduler to book an appointment now.

Managing Your Current Air Conditioning System

The Omniqor team wants to be your partner in the maintenance and repair of your current heating and cooling system. When you call us, we bring along the latest diagnostic equipment and repair tools. We have ready access to the replacement parts we’ll need to get the job done quickly.

Classroom knowledge and on-the-job training have prepared our certified technicians for the problems they face every day. Your heating and air Dallas system is safe in their skilled hands.

Regular maintenance can ensure your home is comfortable in every season. Your everyday needs can be met by making simple adjustments to your current HVAC system. Maintenance can improve airflow, making your family’s life more comfortable. Most importantly, a regular maintenance plan definitely extends the life of your heating and cooling investment.

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, let us install one for you. This simple step can reduce your energy bill without affecting your comfort level. Be sure to ask your Omniqor technician for other tips about heating and cooling Dallas TX.

Upgrading Your System to a New Unit

If your HVAC system is old, it may be time for a complete update. You can redirect energy dollars into a better system. When you are ready to get started, talk to our staff via online chat or fill out this form for a personal quote.

Our team can help you make a plan about timely replacement. There are a number of factors that go into this decision. These include the age of your unit, its manufacturing quality, and its general effectiveness. In addition, efficiency is measured by its output capability and by the size of your home.

Omniqor offers a variety of systems that can meet multiple goals at once. Our systems can improve the effectiveness of your heat in the winter. You and your family can be warmer without spending more money to heat the house. Furthermore, your Dallas TX air conditioning can be more efficient, regulating the temperature without making you too cold or leaving you too hot. Again, the combination of effectiveness and efficiency will reduce your electric bill.

Why wait until your HVAC busts? Act early and never go a day without the heating or cooling you need. Use our service scheduler to book an appointment now.

Staking Your Claim to an Efficient System

Omniqor can match your needs to the right system. Our skilled technicians can install systems from a wide variety of brand names, including Carrier, Coleman, EV Con, Goodman, Lennox and York. For a full list, talk to our staff.

To help you improve the air quality of your home, we install the Reme Halo Ⓡ In-duct Air Purifier. This remarkable device brings fresh air into the home, but it filters out gases and particulates that cause allergies and illnesses.

At your convenience, we can visit your home, discuss your options, and provide a detailed estimate. Choosing the best system is affected by many factors including your current ductwork, square footage, and, if applicable, the number of floors in your home.

You can start the process by using our appointment scheduler. A detailed quote is free, and there is no obligation.

Increased Efficiency Saves You Money

If you feel like your Dallas AC is costing you big bucks, you aren’t wrong. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that together U.S. homeowners are paying about 11 billion for air conditioning each year. Fortunately, you can make a change. You can cut your bill with a more efficient HVAC unit. DOE estimates show that current systems can reduce AC energy use by 50 percent. Less electricity equals a lower bill, and that’s good news every month.

The Energy Star Heating and Cooling Guide provides a few tips that should be followed when upgrading your heating or air conditioning. When replacing major components for the HVAC system, it is best to do all of them simultaneously. Replacing part of an old, outdated system leads to inefficiency and premature failure. Although the AC can be done separately, it is best to replace the heating system at the same time.

Considering the long lifespan of an HVAC system, shouldn’t you look for one with low operating costs? Ask the experts at Omniqor how you can get a system that will lower your monthly energy bills.

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For your heating and air conditioning Dallas TX needs, trust Omniqor for repairs and replacement. Let’s put efficiency to work for you.

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