Commercial HVAC Repair Dallas is in Safe Hands with Omniqor

When temperatures are climbing and your AC units aren’t cooling, it’s time to call Omniqor. Our staff can respond quickly to the HVAC needs of your business. Count on us for all of your heating and air needs.

Our skilled technicians are trained to handle commercial HVAC repair Dallas customers in businesses of all types and sizes. From offices to restaurants to strip malls, we’ve got your HVAC problems covered. We’ll get you back in business as quickly as possible.

When your home loses its AC on the hottest summer day, you can move to a hotel or your best friend’s house. If your business loses AC, you may have to close your doors. You can’t subject your employees or your customers to Dallas summer temperatures. Omniqor is well-aware of this dilemma, and our technicians are ready and waiting to help solve your problem.

We keep high tech tools and diagnostic equipment with us at all times. Our trucks are supplied with a vast array of parts, and our warehouse backs that up with even more of the parts needed for emergency air conditioning repair.

As experts in Dallas commercial air conditioning repair, every Omniqor technician has the training and on-the-job experience to meet your needs. This means we arrive with the know-how that can pinpoint the problem and solve it quickly. We know your Dallas TX business doesn’t have time to waste.

In the event that AC repair Dallas efforts can solve the problem, Omniqor provides major brand name equipment and can replace parts or all of your system.

Emergency Furnace Repair Service

If your heat is off, the situation can be dire. Even though Dallas temperatures are moderate for much of the winter, it doesn’t mean that our customers or employees can function without adequate heat. Omniqor has the furnace repair Dallas specialists you need to get the heat back on.

We work as fast as we can, recognizing that extreme cold is not only bad for your business, it can be bad for your business machines and other equipment. We’ll involve you in the process, keeping you apprised of the repair plans and associated costs.

If the HVAC system is failing, we’ll find short-term solutions and develop a plan to address your long term needs. Our business can offer a range of the top HVAC systems to help your business stay warm this winter and many winters to come.

Ready for a Better System? Omniqor Carries All of the Major Brands

Omniqor can help you match your business heating and cooling needs to the right system. We’ve got the right brands for a Mom-and-Pop shop, an upscale restaurant, an office building, or a large commercial center. Here’s a partial list of the brands we carry:

  • Carrier
  • York
  • Lennox
  • EV Con
  • Coleman
  • Goodman

The new systems are extremely efficient and can help reduce your operating costs. Their effectiveness relies on the right installation plan, and Omniqor will make sure that your investment is worth it. Our HVAC technicians can assess your property, determining the best ways to accomplish your cooling and heating goals.

Affordability is as important to our business plan as it is to yours. We work hard to keep your costs down today and in the future. When the 100-degree days of Dallas summers are upon us, we want your air conditioning to meet your expectations.

If creative thinking is needed, you can be sure that Omniqor will work to match the unique needs of your business, your location, and your building. We apply scientific methods to determine how to handle the many challenges that come our way.

Refresh Your HVAC with Omniqor

Maybe your system is working, but it isn’t adequate for your needs. We’ve seen it often in businesses. The company has some rooms that are too hot, some that are too cold, and some that are just right. In these cases, employees aren’t happy, and electricity is being wasted.

The Omniqor team can make an honest assessment of the issues surrounding your current HVAC system. It may not need replacement. You may need to rework ductwork, change your thermostats or add a component to your current HVAC system.. You may be surprised at the minor fixes that can make major changes for your customers and employees. An effective system makes use of every energy dollar, and that pays you back in terms of operating costs as well as employee satisfaction and customer comfort!

Omniqor can assess your air quality and recommend ways to improve your business environment. Our clients range from restaurants with ventilation problems to big businesses that want to ensure healthy air for their employees.