Emergency AC Repair Dallas is a Click or Call Away with Omniqor

With 90 degree days starting in March and 100 degree days stretching into October, Dallas heat is a serious concern for homeowners. If your air conditioning isn’t taking care of your needs, turn to Omniqor for emergency AC repair Dallas.

When we get your call, we know that time is of the essence. No one can survive Dallas heat without adequate air conditioning. We’ll provide timely onsite estimates and repairs. Our goal is to make your home livable again.

Same Day Air Conditioning Service

Although most Texans prefer not to focus on it, air conditioning is an essential part of living here. National Weather Service data shows that, in the last decade, we have had 100-degree days a minimum of ten days of the year. In 2011, the maximum was 71 100-degree days.

Clearly our hot Southern temperatures can’t be alleviated by an open window and a box fan. Summer heat can be life threatening to the ill, elderly and children. It’s no fun for the rest of us either. Heat causes physical stress and makes daily tasks more difficult.

When your air conditioning goes on the blink, you can trust Omniqor for same day air conditioning service. We are accustomed to the demands for 24 hour AC repair Dallas. We take seriously our role as an air conditioning company Dallas TX, and we try to treat your family’s air conditioning needs with the urgency that we’d want someone to treat our own family.

Ready When You Call

Our staff is trained to respond as quickly as possible to your repair request. Vans are kept packed and ready with the equipment and parts that may be needed. Our suppliers are on standby, ready to provide the speciality parts we don’t have on hand.

When we get a call, our technicians come as soon as their schedule allows. Our staff will set an appointment time with you, and we’ll keep you updated if technicians can arrive sooner. Our AC Dallas techs generally call you before arrival at your home, giving you notice before they are standing on your doorstep.

We make assessments quickly and offer timely estimates. Our goal is to determine which parts are needed, just in case we need to retrieve them from our warehouse or a supplier. From that point, our technicians will act swiftly and expertly to repair your problem and get the cool air flowing in your house again.

Trained to Solve Problems

Our technicians have received extensive classroom training. Their book knowledge is backed up by on-the-job experiences. To be part of our repair service team, they have been thoroughly vetted, and they are held to high standards of honesty and integrity.

In our line of work, we must know the ins and outs of many different HVAC systems. Our air conditioning Dallas area technicians are familiar with old technologies, new innovations, and everything in between. A 20-year-old heating and cooling system is as safe in an Omniqor technician’s capable hands as a two-year-old air conditioning unit. If there’s a way to bring an aging system back to life, we’ll find it.

When we are faced with a difficult problem, our air conditioner technicians have the intellectual tools they need to determine the best course of action. Our team works together to troubleshoot tricky situations. We tackle your air conditioning repair Dallas problems like a Cowboys linebacker.

Can My Old AC System Be Saved?

Often the first question homeowners ask Dallas air conditioning companies is: can my old AC system be saved? It’s common to be concerned about this when you have to call an air conditioning contractor Dallas for a repair.

At Omniqor, we look at an emergency repair as just that, a repair. We aren’t planning to sell you a new system. Our goal is simply to repair the old one. We’ll be honest with you every step of the way. Upfront pricing includes a written estimate to keep you aware of the costs involved.

We help your aging system stay viable for as long as possible. A home inspection may reveal ways to make it more effective without replacing its key components. Regular tune-ups can find and correct small problems before they turn into emergencies. We are happy to partner with you for the good of your HVAC system.

That said, we do offer in-home inspections and new central air system estimates. If you decide you are ready for an energy efficient upgrade, we hope you’ll let Omniqor provide a bid for service. With your choice of all major HVAC brands and our commitment to your satisfaction, a new system may be the right option for your long-term Dallas air conditioning system needs.

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