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When you need a new central heating and air system, you need Omniqor know-how. Our experienced sales staff and service technicians have the information and experience to install the best system for your home.

After our work is completed, your Dallas heating and air system will work as advertised. Your rooms will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your increased level of satisfaction will be sweetened by lower utility bills and better indoor air quality.

HVAC Installation Costs and Benefits

Omniqor provides an upfront estimate and honest pricing. Our high quality brand choices include a range of price points to help you stay within budget. We will work with you to keep your costs down, and financing is available.

The best way to save money on home central air installation is to have it done well. If the wrong unit is chosen or layout problems are not addressed, you could spend more on energy costs and get fewer benefits.

If the unit is too small, it is a struggle to get the temperature like you need it. If the unit is too big, you’ll overpay for energy consumption without reaping any benefits.

With Omniqor, the correct installation and the right-sized air conditioning unit go hand in hand. Done correctly, you will get your money’s worth.

Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Facts

Getting the right size starts with the right air conditioning company Dallas TX. Omniqor staff follows a thorough checklist to determine which size system is best for your space. In our Dallas TX air conditioning repair work, we have seen many systems that are less effective than they could be. That’s why we look for issues that may factor into the system’s effectiveness.

  1. Current ductwork size, insulation and layout
  2. Home square footage, including room by room layout
  3. Number of floors/levels in the home
  4. Review of special challenges (add-on room, skylights, etc)

With these factors in mind, we can make the most accurate heating and cooling load calculations. This leads to the correct system sizing. We can then show you which leading brands have a match for your needs.

At Omniqor, expert knowledge is the key to quality installation. Before you accept the installation bid of other Dallas air conditioning companies, give Omniqor a chance to give you a second opinion.

Do You Need a New HVAC System Dallas?

Our professional technicians can give you an estimate on how much it would cost to replace your old unit with a new, energy efficient system. If we can fix your problems without a new installation, we’ll tell you. If a few of these statements are true about your home air conditioning or heating, you should ask for an evaluation.

  1. Energy costs are out of control.
  2. The system is 10 years old or more.
  3. The system constantly breaks down.
  4. Some rooms are too cold while others stay hot.

Can You Save Money with a More Efficient HVAC Dallas System?

As you upgrade your system, you have the potential to save money on your utility bills. Each new unit has a SEER number. This Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is required by the federal government.

A high SEER number translates into a better ratio of heating and cooling to the amount of energy consumed. A low SEER number indicates a higher rate of energy consumption.

Our knowledgeable staff can show you the SEER number for leading brands. We want to help you purchase a new system that will reduce your utility bills while keeping you comfortable.

What is a Typical Air Conditioning Dallas TX System?

A central air conditioner is composed of a condenser, compressor, evaporator, and expansion valve. If it is also your heat source, then it is an electric heat pump system.

The outdoor unit houses the condenser. It contains the compressor which circulates the gas, increasing the heat to convert it back to liquid refrigerant. The expansion valve regulates the amount of liquid needed. Inside the home, an evaporator collects heat to send to the condenser. As the refrigerant removes heat, the fan drives cool air back inside. Your thermostat regulates when the system will be engaged in cooling and when only the fan is needed.

If you choose a heat pump, the system works very similarly. The system changes the flow of refrigerant, harnessing the heat from the circulatory system. Heat pumps are often used for air conditioning Dallas TX but because they work most efficiently at 40 degrees or higher. In some cases, a furnace supplements the heat pump.

What are Mini-Split Air Conditioning Units in Dallas?

If your home lacks ductwork, you may think you can’t get an air conditioning system without a big expense. Where this once limited your choices, it is now possible to get a ductless air conditioning option. A mini-split system provides cooling to a zone within the house. Multiple units can be combined to cover an entire house. Your Omniqor professional can show you how this is done.

These systems are often used to supplement existing systems with rooms that aren’t served by a central system. Instead of an old-fashioned window unit, a mini-split AC unit is a better way to cool a poolhouse, workshop or home gym.

Put Omniqor to work for you. Use our scheduler or this contact form to get started. Give us a chance to quote you a price. The service is free and there are no strings attached.