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You can get more out of your air conditioning Dallas if it is regularly inspected and tuned. For this, you need the right partner, an HVAC business that cares about your home and your budget. There are many Dallas air conditioning companies. How do you choose?

Omniqor has years of experience helping home owners. Our team of technicians is highly capable of doing every type of job related to air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation. You can schedule your appointment now or chat with our online staff about air conditioning Dallas repair services.

Saving Your System and Saving You Money

Our tune-ups are a minor expense with a major objective, saving your system from unnecessary decay and an early demise. As an air conditioning company Dallas TX, the Omniqor team considers it part of our mission to keep every system at its peak efficiency.

Just like your car, your heating and air system is in constant use. There are moving parts and mechanical devices that can wear out or break. Dust and grime settle into the smallest cracks. You can’t always tell that the decay is happening. It just takes one final push for the system to go belly up and you find yourself needing 24 Hour AC Repair Dallas.

To avoid this, your Omniqor technician will follow a strict tune up checklist. Years of dirt, dust and debris will be cleared away. The compressor, blower, coils and other essentials will be checked for effectiveness.

Functional elements are inspected for repair needs. Catching a faulty part early can save you big money. It’s much easier to replace a small part than to be faced with emergency air conditioning repair.

Another objective is to save you money in your monthly bills. A tune-up makes sure your system is effective. If you have uneven heating or cooling, you may see a correction once the system is put back into near-factory condition. This should improve the effectiveness of your home heating and cooling.

Does My Home Need a Tune up?

To determine if your AC Dallas home system needs a tuneup, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How long has it been since a qualified technician examined your outdoor or indoor HVAC parts? If the answer is a year or more, it’s time for a tune-up. Six-month intervals are the best tune-up maintenance plan. Basically, It is recommended that your home system get a tune-up every spring before the worst of the summer AC Dallas season and every fall before winter sets in.
  2. Does your thermostat need constant adjusting? Often your system’s decay shows the most in little ways. You should be able to set a temperature and forget it. If you find yourself running to turn up or down the heat or air to make life comfortable, chances are that the system needs a checkup.
  3. Do you want to maximize your heating and cooling while minimizing your daily operating costs? A tune-up is the best way to ensure your system works at its peak potential. Why pay more
  4. Do you want to avoid the headache of a dead AC unit during a 100-degree Dallas summer day? You can avoid AC repair Dallas during the busiest times of the year by simply being proactive. A tuneup now saves big headaches later.
  5. Is this your first summer/winter season in a new home? If so, a tune up can provide valuable information as you move forward. You can get an idea about your air conditioner’s expected lifespan and learn from your Omniqor technician about any potential problems ahead.

HVAC Repair and Installation

If your air conditioning or heat isn’t working at all, please contact Omniqor immediately. We’ll get your system up and running. Our technicians always arrive with a truck full of the HVAC service equipment and supplies they need. This keeps the repair process running smoothly. Unanticipated needs, such as specific parts, can be dealt with quickly by our very professional staff. We want to put your system right. Be sure to arrange a tune-up in six months to be sure that your system continues to prosper.

When you need a new system, Omniqor is a certified Air Conditioning Contractor Dallas TX, and our team is ready to go to work for you.

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