Forth Worth

For more than thirty years, Omniqor Damage Restoration has offered assistance and expertise in damage restoration in Fort Worth for homeowners and business owners impacted by fire, water or flooding, and damaging storms.

We’ve restored homes impacted by fire, as well as repaired businesses that have been damaged by storms and harsh weather.

Our expertise in Fort Worth damage restoration includes fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, storm damage restoration and cleaning services for your residential home or commercial building. Trust in our advanced knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication when you need an expert in damage restoration services.

Fort Worth Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is a destructive force that can utterly destroy a home and change a person’s life, and it can also wreak havoc on the most well-built and sturdy commercial buildings. Omniqor Damage Restoration can help you whether you’ve experienced a minor fire in the break room at work because of a malfunctioning toaster oven, or you’ve been impacted by a life-changing fire at your residential home.

We offer more than thirty years of experience in fire restoration, and we utilize advanced methods that have allowed us to gain certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additionally, we’ve also been authorized to provide damage restoration with Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification.

Water Damage Restoration in Fort Worth

A flood may damage your home during a destructive storm, and you may require our assistance with water damage restoration to repair your house, clean the damage, and ensure that hidden water damage doesn’t destroy your home over time. No matter what type of water damage your home or business has sustained, Omniqor Damage Restoration can help.

We’ve assisted homeowners and business owners across the Fort Worth region with water damage problems, large and small. Don’t assume that water spot on the ceiling is a small issue that you can ignore for a while until it dries out. Contact us for an inspection, so we can see if your Fort Worth home or business needs repair.

Fort Worth Storm Damage Restoration from Omniqor

Storms blow through the North Texas area all throughout the year, and some can be detrimental to many homes and businesses.

Whether your home has experienced minor damages from strong winds or significant damages from flash floods or even a tornado, our residential damage restoration team is here to help. If you are a business owner in Fort Worth, our team can help you too. We have a team of commercial storm damage repair experts that can assess all of your property’s damage from a storm and restore it quickly so you can continue normal business operations.

No matter how much damage your property has endured from a storm, we have a dedicated team to help you in your time of need. Contact Omniqor Damage Restoration for storm damage repair and restoration in and around Fort Worth.

Cleaning Services from Omniqor Damage Restoration

Not only do we bring advanced equipment and methods to every damage restoration project, but we also offer services above and beyond the physical restoration process. We offer comprehensive cleaning services that may provide additional support to our restoration efforts, or we may help with cleaning projects unrelated to damage from a natural disaster or fire.

For example, we can help you remove pet odors from upholstery and carpets, as well as provide exceptional cleaning of most surfaces in your home or business via state-of-the-art equipment and the knowledge of more than 30 years in the business. Let us help you breathe new life into your home or business with comprehensive steam cleaning.

Efficient and Responsive Damage Restoration from Omniqor

The devastation of a fire or the destruction of a storm don’t need to leave a permanent mark on your home or business. Whether you have water flooding your property from burst pipe or you just experienced a three-alarm fire, we can help you rebuild, repair, and restore your home or business. Contact the experienced and efficient damage restoration experts at Omniqor Damage Restoration for an appointment, quote, or for additional information about our services in Fort Worth.

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