Experience should be the number one qualification when it comes to damage restoration on your home. Omniqor Damage Restoration has the experience that is needed to help Garland with any fire damage, flood damage, or storm damage.

We are proud to bring our efficient work and excellent results to Garland where we can focus on both commercial damage restoration and residential damage restoration.

Garland Fire Damage Restoration

Omniqor offers more than 30 years of experience in fire damage restoration, and we are prepared to put our advanced methods to work in Garland. We know that fire is a force that can literally leave a family’s memories in a pile of ashes.

No commercial or residential building is too large or small to be affected by fire damage and that is why we do not worry about the extent of your required fire damage restoration.

Garland Water Damage Restoration

Floods can be damaging to your home and water damage restoration may be the thing that your home needs to get back to normal. The professionals at Omniqor have the experience to handle any type of water damage that your home or commercial building has sustained.

Even if you suspect that a water spot can be more than a minute problem, give us a call today to schedule an inspection of your Garland home.

Cleaning Services Available in Garland

Whether you have flood or fire damage, Omniqor has the equipment and customer service to properly clean up the mess. We bring the most advanced equipment to each project. This extra step in cleaning simply helps us ensure that our restoration efforts will be as successful as you need them to be.

Our cleaning services can remove pet odors, carpet odors, and more. Let us help your home take a breath of fresh air.

Expect Excellent Damage Restoration from Omniqor

If you have recently experienced flood or fire damage to your home or business, call Omniqor Damage Restoration today. We are a licensed team that is available to our clients on a 24/7 schedule. Don’t let your family be affected further by a disaster that is out of your hands. Call today to find out more about our services.

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