Storm Damage Restoration

Fierce storms can devastate homes and businesses, and recovering from natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and record-breaking thunderstorms, means partnering with a professional storm damage restoration company like Omniqor Damage Restoration. From saturated foundations to destroyed roofs, storm damage can prove deadly to your family, your employees, and your home or business.

One of the primary issues you may face after a storm wreaks havoc upon your home or business is not knowing whether the structure is sound or whether there are dangers from electrical problems or broken appliances and machinery inside. The storm damage might not seem severe, but an inspection could reveal dangers that might prevent the safe return of your family to your home or of your employees to your business.

In our more than thirty years of experience, we’ve seen just about everything that can happen to a house or commercial building after a storm, and we’ve developed methods certified by the EPA for cleanup and storm debris removal. We also provide services with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Storm Damage Repair from the Experts in Residential & Commercial Restoration

The storms that batter Dallas-Fort Worth and all of Texas each year vary in their intensity greatly. There are those storms that rip the roofs off houses to others that drench the countryside in torrents of rain that also bring hail damage. Ensuring your home or commercial building is well-built can reduce the chance that a storm will cause significant damage; however, some storms can cause damage to the homes and businesses of the most well-prepared Texans.

We offer several services for comprehensive storm damage restoration. Not only can we ensure the full and complete removal of debris, hazardous substances, and irreparably damaged property, but we can also assist in the repair and restoration of your home or commercial structure. Experiencing significant damage to your home or business requires contacting a professional swiftly to reduce the further damage done by standing water, weakened building structure, and damaged equipment or appliances.

Tornadoes and high winds may rip the shingles off your roof, lightning strikes may cause fires, and hail storms may break windows. The damage a storm can do is unpredictable, and it’s essential that you inspect your property closely after a significant storm, even if you don’t think anything obvious was damaged.

Here are some of the emergency storm damage repairs we can complete when you call us for help:

  • Immediate storm damage assessment for your home or business
  • Removal of water and drying of the structure
  • Temporary coverage of the roof, walls, and damaged exterior
  • Removal of downed trees and torn brush
  • Comprehensive storm damage restoration services for your home or business

Who Manages the Insurance Claim for Storm Damage Cleanup?

Not only can we quickly handle the important tasks of restoring your property after a storm, but Omniquor will also assist you with your insurance claim. Our decades of experience has allowed us to understand exactly how insurance companies work and how you must submit a claim to receive payment without the hassle of an initial denial letter or excessive paperwork.

After your property has been damaged by a storm you need to be able to focus on the wellbeing of your family or employees. Therefore, our team of insurance specialists will work directly with your insurance company and adjuster from start to finish; we’ll even handle the walkthrough of your property with your adjuster to plan out the agreed-upon scope of storm damage and work.

Let Us Help You Weather the Storm with Storm Damage Restoration

Omniqor Damage Restoration is your knowledgeable, courteous, and customer-service oriented partner in damage restoration, cleaning, and repair in Dallas, Fort Worth, and across Texas.

We can help you repair your roof when a windstorm has ripped it away, as well as remove standing water from the interior of your home after a storm that resulted in flooding. We can also help repair your commercial building after it’s experienced severe damage from a storm.

Let us perform an inspection and ensure your home or business is structurally sound, and we’ll get started on a plan for storm damage restoration right away.