Water Damage Restoration

When you are faced with water damage, your home or business needs a quick remedy. You can’t wait for rot or mold to start. Omniqor has been cleaning up after busted pipes, floods, and storms for 30 years. You can count on our team for water damage restoration Dallas TX.


Omniqor can handle water damage restoration and flood damage repair for commercial and residential property across the Dallas-Fort Worth region. We offer comprehensive services including drying, clean up, repair, and advanced restorative techniques.

Count on Omniqor for Emergency Water Removal Dallas

We promise:

  • Fast Response to Your Call
  • Fast Turnaround for Water Clean up
  • Thorough Extraction and Drying
  • Expert Repair
  • Well-trained, well-equipped team of extraction technicians
  • Help with Your Insurance Claim
  • Available 24/7
  • 100 percent Satisfaction

We can help with:

  • Standing water extraction
  • Wet ceilings and walls
  • Soaked floors, carpets, and more
  • Homes, Apartments and Other Residential Properties
  • Offices, Stores and Other Commercial Properties
  • Flood damage Dallas
  • Busted-pipe water damage
  • Rain damage
  • Storm damage
  • Fire-related water damage

Our work is backed by:

  • EPA-certified methodology
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
  • Flood water expertise
  • Insurance liaison experience
  • Three decades of water restoration Dallas area experience
  • Mold remediation certification
  • Continuing Education in Water Restoration Techniques

Omniqor is the Expert Choice for Water Extraction Dallas


Standing water poses a danger to your appliances and electrical system as well as your building structure and possessions.

Fortunately Omniqor has the extraction equipment that can draw out the water. We won’t stop until the water has left the premises for good. We don’t dump it outside where it can come back. We remove it completely.


Outside floods bring mud with them. Some buildings are left with inches of mud. In others, there’s just a layer of residue. Omniqor can clean up the mess.

Debris may be branches that fell through the open roof when rain was pouring in. It may be soaked items that are no longer of any value. Whatever the case, our team will take care of it as they sweep the area for cleanliness and safety. Our flood repair Dallas covers every aspect of the damage to your home or business.


All of our efforts are aimed at restoring the building before the water can damage the vital wooden structure. We take expert care of woodwork and wood floors. Our team is highly skilled at detecting mold and at detecting areas where it could grow.

If structural problems are detected, we will discuss the best way to remedy these. We can take care of the rebuilding for you.


Sometimes the biggest fire damage is the flooding. The fire department must turn the hoses on, and the building ends up with water as well as fire damage. Omniqor can handle the whole restoration, including water, smoke, and soot.

Omniqor efforts can make flood damage into a distant memory.


  • INSPECT-Timing is crucial if we are to preserve your possessions and your property’s structural integrity. We’ll conduct our inspection swiftly and provide an estimate as quickly as possible, so cleanup may begin as soon as you give us the “okay” to start. We can discuss all of our water cleanup Dallas services and work with your insurance company.

  • PROTECT – If needed, we will place temporary protection (like tarps and boards) over windows and roofs to prevent rain or wind from adding to the problem.

  • DRY – We will pump out standing water and dry out everything the water has touched. We act fast to stop the water from rotting through your floors, walls or ceiling. Our water extraction efforts are based on the latest methods and technologies. Your hardwood floors are safe in our hands.

  • PREVENT – Our drying efforts are aimed at preventing more damage from standing water and soaked surfaces. This may require removing wet drywall to get to wood behind it. With diligence, we can prevent the conditions that lead to rotting wood or dangerous mold, the two most common threats due to water damage Dallas TX.

  • REMOVE – Our team will remove wet items that cannot saved. Water and mud can do permanent damage very quickly. Every effort is made to save carpeting and rugs that the owner wishes to maintain.

  • CLEAN – Flooding from outside can bring mud and debris. Our advanced cleaning processes will deep clean your home or business and make it livable again. If the problem has been ongoing, we also specialize in mold remediation Dallas for residential and commercial buildings.

  • STAY VIGILANT – Throughout our process, we will remain vigilant as the guardians of your property and possessions. We take this seriously, and we will make every effort to protect the things you value.

  • COMPLETE – When we finish the project, we’ll make sure you are happy with the results and complete all documentation needed for the insurance company. As a locally owned and operated water damage service Dallas TX business, your satisfaction is our goal.


Whether the water is from rain, flood, or busted pipe, it needs to be removed.  Don’t wait until mold or rot becomes a problem. Our team will take care of your Dallas water damage problems. Just give us a call, speak to our staff using our online chat or utilize our online scheduler.